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You Know You’re a Stay-at-Home Mom When…

You are forced to use the toilet while
holding your baby on your lap and
with your whining 2 year old
watching you and asking
constantly when you are finished.
—Guest Sarah


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About respect for the Holy Icons, Part 3/3

If we love the saints, especially the holy ones who

have walked among us in our lands, would we not

similarly wish to preserve and beautify their labours

of love for the Lord?


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* What do You think about this story?

* Was this a good way to explain respecting

the Holy Icons in Orthodox Christian tradition?

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About respect for the Holy Icons, Part 1/3

Road to Emmaus interviews Reader Mikhail Ivanovich, spokesman for the online native

Alaskan linguistic project of All Saints of North America Church in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Before I became Orthodox

I had an iconoclastic fear of icons and relics

of any kind. Yet, once, a number of years ago,

on a very rough flight over the mountains of

Bolivia, I found myself kissing a wallet-picture

of my beloved who later became my

wife. Why?

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One thing have I asked of the Lord, Psalm 26 (27)

Text: Psalm 26 (27)

(English Standard Version Bible)

Photo: Alexander Shurlakov, The Saviour

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About Serbian Orthodox Church


Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) is headquartered in

Belgrade, Serbia, under the leadership of His Beatitude Patriarch Irinej.

SOC is in unity with Eastern Orthodox Churches like

The Church of Constantinople, The Church of Russia,The Church of Greece.

Churches in Communion:


Official website of the Serbian Orthodox Church: (

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